HelixHead – The Revolutionary Breakthrough In Cutterhead Technology



The HelixHead high performance helical cutterhead is enhancing the woodworking industry.  A one-of-a-kind custom designed HelixHead for your planer, moulder or jointer will cut noise, reduce dust and chips, and cut labor and material costs for your business.

Years of research and development went into HelixHead to create the highest performing helical cutterhead on the market.  Used in woodworking machinery such as planers, moulders and jointers, the patented HelixHead helical cutterhead features

  • One-of-a-Kind Custom Design
  • Whisper Quiet Noise Reduction Technology
  • Advanced Chip Channeling and Dust Diversion for Easy Clean-Up
  • Quick-Turn 4-Sided Blades for Easy Maintenance and Replacement
  • And additional savings in labor, material and blade replacement costs